Trapeze Ideas Board

The Ideas Board is a place where ideas will come to life visually in an astounding display of graphic art, which will be updated based on your ideas throughout the Expo. This year’s theme focuses on mitigating risk for Paramedics and Volunteers – How can we increase visibility, improve safety and streamline processes for first responders?

A graphic artist has taken your ideas and integrated them into a mural art piece.

Today you have the chance to vote for your favourite idea, with the winner receiving a set of Apple AirPods!


Use of automated technology – i.e. collect data from patient connected devices, use optical recognition to read patient information and automatically collate and send to receiving facility.

Ewan Humphrey, Ambulance Victoria,  VACIS Coordinator


Alerts on the MDT at start/end of shift times to mitigate fatigue

Bruce Paddock, NSW Ambulance, Paramedic


We need more research into phenomena such as the amygdala hijack and how we can better prepare paramedics to maintain their mental health while responding.

Steve Whitfield, QAS & Griffith Uni, Paramedic / Senior Clinical Educator (QAS), Lecturer / Course Convenor in Paramedicine (Griffith)


Shared resource intranet for member organisations. Access would depend on which role you have. That way, subcommittee members could share with ease.

Jacquie Hennessy, St John PNG, Director – Clinical and Operational Support


Make everything electronically available and link in with other primary healthcare services.

Laura Robertson, Wellington Free Ambulance, Extended Care Paramedic


Link all IT systems within the organisation, rather than running different platforms. Also, link this in with allied health systems.

Dave Bevan, NSW Ambulance, Paramedic